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    Default *please* not another boring trip

    My fiance and are I moving him from CA to PA this summer and he's terrified that if we take the wrong roads we'll never be home in time for the fall semester to start again. We have a whole *month* that we've set aside for this. I don't know which route we're taking, but does anyone have any suggestions? Perhaps there are some *slight* offroads that won't (heaven forbide) take us far from the sure-fire route? oh yeah, and would anyone have a ball park figure about how much it might cost? My dad told me that since we're moving we can just write it off on our taxes.... but we still have to have the money up front of course. Any hints to saving money (we can't sleep in his car) would be greatly appreciated as well considering we're both full time students :)

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America forum!

    There are no boring trips is a saying we have around here.

    The best place to start looking for how to go about planning this trip is on our planning page. This page has several links to information you will find useful, including how to keep costs down.

    A month to travel from CA to PA is more than enough time, since to really push things and just go for the quick route, it would take four days. Whereabouts in CA are you starting from? A suggestion for starting from Northern CA may be quite a bit different than coming from the Southern part of the state - ie heading through Arizona versus heading through Nevada and Utah. Also, where in PA are you headed? I see you have South Central PA in your profile - give us a ballpark of where you will be going to so we can give you better tips.

    What is the size of the vehicle you will be driving? Is it going to be a moving van, or do you just have some small things that will fit in your car/van/suv/other? This too will determine the best routes.

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    Default wow, you're quick

    Thank you for the quick response, I'll be sure to check the planning page :)

    It's an LA-Gettysburg hope since we both live right outside those major towns. Because he's a history major, I've taken him to all the main attractions around here already, so I'm hoping to be able to find something that would be of interest to him in other parts of the country (again, not veering too far from the road)- however, I despise tourist attractions so I suppose it's a win-lose situation when it comes to that.

    Also, we're hoping just to be able to take his car (I've joked that, even as a woman, I was able to move from FL to PA with only 3 suitcases and a carry on, but regardless) and should that be the case, it's of a smaller size.

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    Default Um - about the taxes

    No you can't just write off the moving expenses off your taxes. It's a complicated area that I don't know all the rules on, but I do know that it usually depends on the reason for the move, ie relocating for a job, etc. Just advice from your friendly local CPA.
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    Default oh dear!

    would moving for school count? I know that when my dad moved they were going out to join the military, and then again upon release. I know you said you didn't know the specifics but thank you *thank you* for letting me in on that!!

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    Default Here's some info for you

    Go the the IRS website and search for moving expenses. Publication 521 has the specific info and yes - it is a very different ball game if you are moving for military purposes.
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    Default Historic Roads

    With an entire month to cover a distance that could be easily driven in 5-6 days, you really have time to get off the main roads and explore a bit. This hardly has to mean getting lost! America's roads are well marked, and with nothing more than a good atlas and reasonable map reading skills, a whole world opens to you that would go unseen from the Interstates. If your fiance is a history major, present this trip to him as a chance to see some of the historic roads and sights of America, something older than 50 years. Just off the top of my head, a few of the locations and historic roads that lie within 50-100 miles of the most direct interstate route include: stretches of old Route 66, the Grand Canyon, Walnut Canyon National Monument, Petrified Forest National Park, Petroglyph National Monument, Santa Fe and parts of the old Santa Fe Trail, St. Louis, the old National Road through Illinois, Indiana (including the Tippecanoe and Vincennes Battlefields), Ohio, Pennsylvania (including Fort Necessity), and Maryland (including Fort Frederick). As I say, that's just off the top of my head. I'm sure there's more.


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    Default A whole month!

    With that much time - wow - you could float around in the Southwest for a week, checking out the sites Buck mentioned plus:
    Bryce Canyon
    Chaco Canyon

    The National Road, the Lincoln Highway...

    Many of the Civil War battlefields of the South in TN, MS, VA, etc.
    Whilst in TN, you could check out the state's ONLY natural lake (source: Smithsonian Guide to Natural America)- Reelfoot Lake, formed when Old Muddy decided to change course.

    You could even hop up to New England and get some doses of history in Hartford, Boston, etc.

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