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    I would suggest using it's a website designed for travelers to get free places to stay. People in different towns/cities offer up their couch/floor for a night or two or three for free. It's awesome. Plus you'll have a local to show you around if you want.

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    Default Couchsurfing!

    Couchsurfing is much more than a free night's accommodation. Those who use it only for that, are generally frowned upon.

    The couchsurfing community is just that, a community. It works best if you make contact with several people in the area where you will be travelling, and from some weeks or months of correspondence with them, they will get the feel as to whether they would like to offer you accommodation, and you will get a good idea if that person is one with whom you would like to stay.

    (I know there are sometimes emergency short term requests, but these are not the rule.)

    Furthermore, you never arrive at your host's home with empty hands, be it a bunch of flowers, an evening's meal or something from your local area. During your stay, make sure you either offer to do the dishes, cook a meal, clean the bathroom, or whatever. But pitch in and help.

    Yes it is a free night's accommodation, but just as my stays with my family and friends, I always take them out to dinner, and that can cost more than a motel.

    By all means join couchsurfing and start to get to know some people. Build up a reputation by hosting other travellers to your area. It will make your finding a couch to surf much easier.

    Lifey who contacts prospective hosts up to 6 month ahead of time

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    Awesome thread! I learned a few things from it. Going out west, starting in Wisconsin, this May, and my friends and I are planning on camping the whole time.

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    Okay my two cents. I know this sounds kind of crazy, but a back packing guide? IF you have the time of course, but I recently looked it up and it gets really interesting.. dehydrated soups.. not for everyone of course, but really, it breaks down to rice and beans and some fav sauces. Cans of soda? Wow! I know I am a health freak, but I would never advise that.. juice and tea.. find some favs and pack some vitamin water packets.. really you want positive life in you, LIFE! Yep, the biggest for me is just really getting down to car food. I loved Midwest's guide on food. I learn a lot from my toddlers.. buying a bag of cucumbers, carrots, little tomatoes, fruit.. there is lunch. When you start eating this way you start leaping around; it feels good for long hauls.. it is very worth it.

    My fav websites are: for very healthy food sources and people.. all kinds, needs exploring.
    airbnb, not couch surfing, but part hostel.. I love this kind of thing.

    Last on a budget... well.. hmmm.. I was going to say a cargo rack to make more room for camping gear, but not likely... Having an airbed anyways or cots might make it better to have on hand before leaving.. I just can't sleep on the ground in comfort.. camping.. I love it.. the best way to go..I guess camping in between airbnb would be the best plan on a budget with nothing but "ridgerest"

    Oatmeal or "sunrise mix - gluten free" for a good breakfast from a camp stove, coffee tea, fruit. Veggie Lunch with driving food along the way of fun and maybe some beans and rice for dinner or soup.. some health food stores might make a better and cheaper mix this way in bulk - ours do, and it is way better and cheaper than the cans.. way cheaper and lighter too.

    I liked what one poster said about not even leaving the state and having a good time, because road rush is freaking scary to me, but on the other hand, hard to make decisions without some form of plan. It is true music people must have a good time, but sorry, I mean, can't they drink some? Not that I want teens to drink! But I think there *is* something to the mood enhancers. I think music is a big one. If one had a smart phone with Pandora, then that would be fun for them to all vote. Coffee and chocolate are might be safe things, but tea might keep everyone even and they could also have tea's pre bought that they bring out on a new day and rotate.. might be cheaper too. When people start talking "from here to there in only" I just picture them tied to their cars.. It doesn't hurt to plan it out that way.. I mean it is like back country back packing in a way.. The more prep, the less they "need" to sway into budgets that are unexpected. Sleeping in a car only really works for two people in a cross over.. I would rather see 4 teens do camping. The right tent could be a problem of course.. The smaller the better IMHO. Sleeping bags then too... I just kind of goes haywire.. you need to invest in it still before hand. Hmmm.. because a goodworking small Roadtrek would be awesome! They would have a blast in the space along the way.. Hmmm.. no... I think the cheapest would be a long run of Airbnb with cheap hotels in between and the maybe hostel. Camping would be ideal if they were all suited up prior. Food would be the next most controlled item and cooler bags would be the best, but also just fruit and veggies that don't need much ice. Drink flavors would be better in powder flavor with health kicks or teas, never bought, use a 5 gallon foldable maybe? And laundry.. that one is BEST coming from the backpackers.. You need to go stealth and forget fashion, all but one outfit with your normal shoes. I think layers work well, tanks and underwear change but not outer shell.. until it is time and you will know when that is. Oh and coffee with a press, boil water and make in the press.

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