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Thread: By Train or Car

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    Default Minor Problem

    The two of us are going on this trip to Rhode Island. We are both under 18. Is this going to be a problem. With anything. If we have are parents make hotel reservations, can we check in or do the parents have to? would it just be better to wait until one of us is 18.

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    Default Not sure about hotels

    I believe that if you are close to 18, or look at least 18, you should be OK. I have never seen anyone ask for ID at a hotel to ensure that you are 18 or over. However, I think you will have better luck at campgrounds overall. I think their tendency to check idea will be less. Especially at state or national park campgrounds where you rarely even see a real person when you check in but, rather, just put money in an envelope that you put in a lockbox.

    While my kids did roadtrips when they were under 18, they would stay with friends along the way so I really am not sure what kind of problems this will cause for you. Maybe you should try some roadtrips closer to home and see if getting lodging is a problem for you before you take your trip to RI.

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    Default Yes

    There may be myriad problems, but here is one that I am pretty sure of. In the event of an accident neither one of you can sign a release for emergency medical care. While hospital ERs can and will provide treatment in the event of life threatening trauma, there are a whole host of illnesses and injuries which they cannot treat on a minor's say-so. The wait to get and verify parental permission for such treatment can be critical, or at the very least painful.


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    Default Both of you say.

    So both of you think it would be best to wait until i am 18.

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    Default So Much Changes...

    ...when you reach the age of majority (18 now, it wasn't that long ago that it was 21!) that will make your trip much easier and enjoyable, that I'd say yeah, it's worth waiting a few months. In the meantime, you can, as the page on teenage RoadTrips that Mark pointed you to suggests, take smaller trips close to home. In particular, I would recommend that you look at day trips within a couple of hundred miles so that you can make loops and be back in your own bed in the evening. Take the opportunity to practice researching possible places to stop, finding attractions that are a bit off the main road, and developing a travel style that suits you (everybody's different). We all love this mode of travel/vacation and we just want to make sure that your first experiences don't sour you on the notion forever.


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    RoadTripper Brad Guest

    Default I've had some experience

    Being that I recently turned 21 and started road-tripping after getting my license at 16, I do have some experience with these issues. You will find quite a lot of problems with venturing out under 18, especially where lodging is concerned. Any motels will require a credit card AND a valid license, thus showing your DOB. Most minors do not have a credit card, but a debit card with a major logo would suffice, but they will most likely ask for ID.

    Medical issues cannot be resolved, even with a letter granting permission to make decisions.

    My advice would be to make the trip shorter, or have it involve camping rather than staying at a motel.

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    Default By Train or Car

    Me and a friend are going to Rhode Island on a road trip. We were wondering if driving on our own is a good idea for two 18 year old girls. My parents suggested a train, but i heard they were really uncomfortable. We were also wondering if at 18 can you rent a car?

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    Default Too young to rent a car

    Quote Originally Posted by Rachel17 View Post
    Me and a friend are going to Rhode Island on a road trip. We were wondering if driving on our own is a good idea for two 18 year old girls. My parents suggested a train, but i heard they were really uncomfortable. We were also wondering if at 18 can you rent a car?
    None of the national rental car firms will rent you a vehicle when you are 18.


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    Default Train

    Where did you hear that a train would be really uncomfortable? While Amtrak has its flaws, it would certainly be a decent option for you to see the landscape without having to worry about driving and the other car issues. You'll also get to your destination faster, since you don't have to worry about stopping overnight.

    As has been mentioned, renting a car will be nearly impossible at age 18. You might be able to find a local company that will rent you a car, but you will have to pay a significant underage premium and its very unlikely they would let you take the car much beyond the state line.

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    Default Train ride

    Though we here obviously prefer to travel on two, four, or six wheels, taking the train can be a good way to get around - you won't have to worry about parking or theft of the vehicle. I have not taken a train any great distance, but even still, I haven't found them to be uncomfortable - I'm 6'3" and seem to fit fine in those seats.

    As Michael said, it will allow you to enjoy the scenery without worrying about driving off the road. And you can be assured that you are traveling on the right path to your destination.

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