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  1. Default Planning an western US road trip

    Hi there folks,

    My family and I are planning an road trip in the south west of the US. We have two options. One starting in San diego and via the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas ending in San fransisco.

    Another option is starting and ending both in Vegas making an counterclockwise circel around th grand canyon via San fransisco back to Vegas.

    As we are European and having some difficulty planning the second option with great stops i would like to ask your advice. Could you give us a good route with great must see spots??

    Many thanks for your input.

    E &E, Amsterdam, the netherlands

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    Default A Half Loop

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Unfortunately, there is no good way to do a counterclockwise loop from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon to San Francisco and back to Las Vegas. The problem is that once you've gotten to the Grand Canyon (via US-93, I-40 and AZ-64) the best way from there to San Francisco involves going back through Las Vegas. There is nothing wrong, however, with going to the canyon for an overnight visit (or longer) and then returning to Las Vegas and then continuing on to San Francisco. Depending on how much time you can devote to your trip, you can then do a very nice loop which might5 include any or all of: Death Valley, Yosemite, San Francisco, the Pacific Coast Highway. and other attractions. So for starters, I suggest you use the Search function (on the right of the lower tool bar at top of this page) and find some of the many posts on those locations. This general RoadTrip is one of the most discussed on the forums, so there will be lots. Then, when you have a better idea of what among the possibilities appeals to you, let us know what they are and how much time you have and people can give you more targeted information.


  3. Default There's sort of a way to do it..

    There's a sort of counter clock trip around the Grand Canyon, but it's not short, and I don't think is probably quite what you're thinking. The trip is to go Las Vegas, to Grand Canyon to 4 Corners/ Monument Valley to Salt Lake to Reno to SF and then back to Vegas. But its a LONG trip -- a first estimate was over 2200 miles. That's around 40 hours of driving time, not including stops, sightseeing or rest days. I'd guestimate 10 days or so to do the trip.

    There's another trip which might be more interesting (depends upon your taste and what you want to see), that goes sort of clockwise: Las Vegas to Grand Canyon to Phoenix to San Diego (or LA) up the coast to SF, then back to Las Vegas either via Reno or Yosemite, with a possible stop at Death Valley. That's probably also about 10 days or so.

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    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the input.

    Our trip will be 16 or 17 days and we want to drive for a maximum of 300 miles each day. We love to see the country but we love to enjoy the time outside of the cars aswell.

    The counterclockwise loop from Vegas around the GC to Frisco and back to Vegas is not a realistic trip within our time limit. Thanks for pointing that out AZBuck. I'am aiming for a "south loop" passing Phoenix then westbound to the coast and up to San Fransisco via the Coast Highway. Then Yosimite NP, Death Valley back to Las Vegas.

    I will use the sites search engine to look up some great sight seeing spots and to make a perfect route. I have to try to make a trip where we can stay in a great place each night and not be stuck in a small town where there is nothing to do.

    Again thanks for your input now and in the future.


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