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    A very nice and leisurely drive

    Hello Leigh,

    I think you've sketched out a perfectly delightful drive and one which can be done at a very relaxed pace. I have not driven VA 42 from Buffalo Gap to VA 39, so I am envious of your...
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    Fairly flat, at least for Montana

    One of the pleasant little secrets of far northern US driving is that I-90, despite its hundreds and hundreds of miles within Montana, is hardly a "trip through the mountains". Yes, you'll see...
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    And further east of Winnemucca along I-80........ Elko, a sizable town which is practically guaranteed to have 24 hour fuel, and 50 miles east of there is Wells, NV, and a Love's Travel Stop, a nice 24/7 facility. I've fueled at a Pilot...
  4. You'll have some company

    Good morning!

    Be aware that your arrival in western South Dakota coincides almost exactly with the beginning of the 76th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, which their website shows is August 8-14,...
  5. Winter camping in the Northern Plains and Northern Rockies?

    Howdy Dave,

    Allow me to welcome you to the RTA Forums even though I am not a Moderator.

    Strictly on the basis of having enjoyed a number of ski trips to Copper Mountain-Beaver Creek-Vail in...
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    Northern Rockies from NC

    For a fly-and-drive intended to include GNP and YNP I'd suggest planning a loop using Delta connections to Bozeman, MT. Both Delta and Southwest serve Salt Lake City, and SLC is only about a...
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    "The Devil You Know" indeed

    While I'm all about seeking flat routes for a tow, I am also much about avoiding traffic congestion along the I-95 corridor between about Fredericksburg, VA and Boston, MA, where manhandling a...
  8. Fallacy of "the southern route" for cross country travel demonstrated yet again

    I watched the NBC News last night with more than the usual interest inasmuch as weather instead of politics was the top story. In addition to the heartbreaking tragedies of multiple deaths from...
  9. PCSing to Quantico....keeping it flat as can be

    On a winter trip in a rental truck towing a car (and by all means get a trailer instead of a dolly, as suggested above), I'd be interested in the flattest possible route which doesn't add lots of...
  10. No oceanfront at Chincoteague

    Good morning!

    There is no oceanfront to build on at Chincoteague Island inasmuch as the island itself is entirely tucked behind Assateague Island, sheltering it from the Atlantic Ocean on the east...
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    The mountains of northern and western Virginia

    Good morning,

    A 3-4 day trip to enjoy the Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah National Park, and even the hot springs in the George Washington National Forest would be a fine May excursion. The...
  12. Sticky: Been there, done that, several times

    Howdy neighbor,

    I'm a lifelong Raleigh resident and have traveled to Montana, Wyoming, and the Dakotas many times, including an out-and-back round trip over a 21 day period just last summer. Here...
  13. Monteagle, TN grade


    OK, so your only segment of I-75 would be from ATL to Chattanooga. Never been on it, but have looked closely at topographic maps and it doesn't look bad to me. From west of Chattanooga,...
  14. What is your destination?

    You mention I-75 to reach points north of Knoxville but then mention I-57 from I-24 if you were to circle down to Atlanta first. What is your ultimate destination with the tow?

    While there are a...
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    Possible? Of course--it happens every day


    The Interstate highway system gets super-priority during and following major winter storms. Having had the pleasure of a number of ski season trips to CO and UT, including most of the "fun...
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    Sticky: Fifth wheel

    The flat plate through which a trailer's pin fits and upon which the trailer's flat plate rides, supporting the trailer's weight over the rear axle of the tow vehicle, lubricated by generous amounts...
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    Sticky: Good topic

    When I do multi-day trips, particularly in winter, I'll lay out some primary cities for each day's travel and start looking at local forecasts for each starting at between 5 and 10 days...
  18. Either-or

    I see Pullman is located at the "in between" point where running up to Spokane vs down to I-84 are similar distances. If it were my trip, and particular when towing, I'd run up to I-90 unless local...
  19. Finding open campgrounds is likely the biggest challenge

    Sounds like a nice trip! Happy anniversary!

    Given the propensity for water system pedestals and RV water intake lines to freeze, many if not most campgrounds close in the heart of the winter. ...
  20. Thread: Vegas to Montana

    by Foy

    No worries here!

    Absolutely, Mark, no intent to take issue with yours or anybody else's sage advice. Just offering a different perspective. It's all good in my view.

  21. Thread: Vegas to Montana

    by Foy

    Bigfork--what a great spot!

    Year-round sunsets over Flathead Lake. Nice!

    I'm something of a contrarian around here in that I willingly take the road less traveled when missing out on traffic congestion is part of the deal. ...
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    I-95 from NY to Florida at New Year's

    I live in Raleigh, NC and have occasion to travel parts of I-95 in NC and VA on a regular basis. The time period between Christmas and New Years Day is normally one of the most heavily traveled times...
  23. Welcome to North Carolina!

    Raleigh native and lifelong resident here. Welcome.

    I wouldn't be worried about snow at this point in time. Most likely any snow would be encountered at the small handful of passes, of which...
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    "Beaches" being the controlling term...........

    .......then sure, late November can be a fine time to enjoy South Carolina's beaches. It's normally not a good time to enjoy the water, as water temps even in the low- to mid-60s is "take your...
  25. No specifics as to overnight spots


    I have no experiences in motels and restaurants along I-95 inasmuch as I live in Raleigh so only experience it on the front or back end of a trip. Just looking at the mileage numbers...
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