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  1. Just a few tidbits

    Please bear in mind I've never been ON the water at any of the listed lakes, or anywhere else in East TN, southern KY, or far western NC. But, I've RoadTripped and done field work as a geologist all...
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    Kitsch coming right up........

    Not far east of the Black Hills and Badlands is Wall, SD, where the Wall Drug billboards and signs all over the West are beaconing you to. It's kitschy as can be, but there are actually some shops...
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    Same trip

    Hello Neighbor,

    We are soon to leave on essentially the same trip, only we're destined for far western Montana. We're in a Ford F350 diesel and towing a hardside pop-up camper with a loaded...
  4. Disbursed camping


    The term "disbursed camping" is used by NF personnel to define the act of overnight stays, be they by those sleeping in a vehicle, tenting, or in a camper, within a NF unit, but away...
  5. Nice plan!

    And sometimes the thinnest of plans is the best one.

    A few suggestions are:

    Become familiar with the National Forest (NF) websites. In the Southeast, and in particular along the Appalachian...
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    Well, that depends on a few things,...........

    ..........mostly, "what's your style?"

    My assumption is that if you're towing a 30' tag-along camper, your overnights are going to all be at full-hookup RV parks--no dry camping/boondocking. And...
  7. Dillon, MT

    If you take I-15 all the way to I-90 at Butte, you'll have to pass through Homestake Pass on the east side of Butte. Not that it's a challenge--it's just a long hill, but it can be avoided by taking...
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    Older F350, trailer brakes, I-90 passes

    I would not have "no go" type reservations about towing a 35' TT with a 1986 F350 which has a new(er) engine, but I would want to be comfortable that:

    The TT has good electric brakes and...
  9. Me, too

    A hearty X2 on the paper maps. Software will all too often have you do some mighty silly things. On occasion, some downright dangerous things, too. "Death by GPS" is more often a winter travel...
  10. "Next Exit"?

    I was given a hardcopy publication entitled "Next Exit" about 4 years ago. Scarcely used it since. I recall it provides some details as to relative ease of access for large/long vehicles. It's...
  11. I'd take the "A" route

    Based on experience with both A and B and the Louisville and Cincinnati sections of C, I'd take the A route hands down.

    Both I-40 and I-81 are somewhat more roly-poly than one might expect, but...
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    Valid points, Lifey, and......

    ...we all find our own levels of comfort and feelings of security. Personally, I rather doubt the risk of random attack is statistically greater in an Interstate highway rest area packed with cars,...
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    Quick/cheap overnights "out West"

    There's no doubt Lifey has many times the nights spent in the vehicle while on the Road than I do, but I do have a few observations not necessarily in line with some of the other responses.

  14. My "home turf" so to speak


    My read on your plans is departing NYC on 6/27 am and arriving Asheville on 6/29 by 5pm, with the night of 6/27 reserved for Skyland along the SD within SNP. Is that correct?

    If so,...
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    Some generalities


    The occurrence of "dry" areas is subject to the many vagaries of state and local law, each of which may change without notice. There are, however, some generalities you may reasonably...
  16. Lots of back and forth

    Just be aware of the great distances you're talking about in terms of Glacier-Spokane-Yellowstone and Yellowstone-Oregon coast-Spokane. Those of us from the East Coast and the Midwest often fail to...
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    I was just passing through part of your revised route over the weekend


    I was at a nephew's wedding in Williamsville, NY on Saturday the 23rd. Had driven up previously and drove home afterward.

    I found the US 19 "shortcut" to be entirely enjoyable, even the...
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    Yes, sir, it does. I forgot to mention that. I...

    Yes, sir, it does. I forgot to mention that. I believe I'd seen the I-77 tolls would amount to a shade over $20 each way, and I believe we ended up with $3.40 each way on I-77 by taking the US 19...
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    The pleasure is all mine, Mark. For clarity,...

    The pleasure is all mine, Mark.

    For clarity, the stretch of US 19 from I-77 just north of Beckley, WV on the south end to I-79 near Sutton, WV on the north end is about 67 miles in length. ...
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    More about Sturgis; the return trip

    The one and only time I experienced the wonders of traveling while Sturgis was going on was in 2002, when I had no idea I was scheduled to run up I-25 to I-90 and points way west during the week...
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    Nice drive after all

    Following our discussion here, I did some more checking around on the Interwebs and found a plethora of forum entries decrying the horrific "speed trap" in Summersville. I also have neighbors who...
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    US 19 in central West Virginia?


    The quickest of looks by me indicates US 19 from I-77 at Prosperity, WV to I-79 northeast of Charleston is 4-lane limited access and looks to be of fairly recent construction. It would...
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    For any interested in visiting Point Abbaye, the beginning point is L'Anse. When I was up there in October 2013 for the first and only time since 1982, there were some signs, but it'd be a good idea...
  24. Sticky: Trucker name for I-95

    Back in the day, truckers called I-95 from about Richmond, VA up to Boston, MA the "Ho Chi Minh Trail". Just a constant battle 24/7/365. I avoid it like the plague.

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    Got to love the Yoo P!

    In another life, over 32 years ago, I spent the summers of 1981 and 1982 in the town of Crystal Falls, MI. I supervised a large crew of geologists and technicians working essentially the entire UP...
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