• Crater of Diamonds State Park - Murfreesboro, Arkansas

      Roadtrip Attraction
      The one place in the entire world, where the public is allowed, even encouraged, to dig for their own diamonds. On average, about 2-3 diamonds are uncovered each day -- most aren't valuable. Most are the size of a match head, so it takes some careful searching. The ground is plowed at irregular intervals to help bring the stones to the surface. Visitors may look for them on the top of the soil, or dig with hand tools (no power digging implements allowed).

      Photo by Kimberly Goza

      If you go:
      An RV campground is located in the park, and nearby recreational opportunities include fishing, hiking and a water park. Wear old clothes when you go prospecting for diamonds, with shoes that you don't mind getting muddy.


      209 State Park Road
      Murfreesboro, Arkansas 71958 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Park Information
      +1 (870) 285-3113