• King Arthur Flour Baking School - Norwich, Vermont

      Photo by Sylvia Paisley
      Cooking classes can add to your travels! No matter whether you are a beginner, kid or professional, you can pick up techniques at the King Arthur Flour Baking School in Norwich, Vermont. Hands-on classes, taught by world-class instructors, vary from introductory demonstration classes for beginners to week-long workshops for professionals. Best of all? Leave with tasty goodies to eat at your leisure.

      If you go:
      Connected to the bakery and retail shop, you'll be able to purchase baking essentials as well as take one or more classes. Discount rates at local hotels. Reservations required.


      135 US Route 5 South
      Norwich, Vermont 05055 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      King Arthur Flour Baking School
      +1 (802) 649 3361

      +1 (800) 652 3334