View Full Version : Headed this july for 2 weeks with the teens starting at niagra falls

03-15-2012, 04:09 PM

I am new to this forum and haven't done any traveling through the United States. My son is doing a summer college program at the Maryland University this July. I thought I would fly him and my other teens to Niagra Falls for 2 days, go to Salem MD for 2 days, then drop him at the university. From there my other kids (teens) and I have 10 days and want to see some sights (suggestions please), in Washington D.C and then New York City (suggestion on where to take the kids).

What routes do you think would be best? What sites should we see? Any advice on where to stay that is economical, but safe? Restraunts, sightseeing, and fun!!! That is what we are going for. I don't mind driving awhile each day because 2 of the teens can share with the driving. Perhaps I will have time for them to see other states? Any suggestions?

Thanks for any advice.

03-15-2012, 09:33 PM
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Suggesting things to see and do in the Washington - Niagara - Boston triangle is the easy part. We've done it before for both Washington to Niagara, and especially Niagara to Boston. In New York, the city itself is the main attraction, the subways, Central Park, the Staten Island Ferry (free), the street venders, Greenwich Village, and Riverside Park to name a few. What concerns me more is the logistics. I will say that you could probably drive from College Park (Univ of Maryland) to Niagara Falls in not much more real time (say about 8 hours) than it would take you to get to Dulles, National or BWI, clear security, fly to Buffalo, rent a car and complete the drive to Niagara Falls *say about 4 hours by one of the direct flights). And then you will have saved a considerable amount of money and would have your own car. So, I would think you would want to look a bit more closely into that portion of your plan.