View Full Version : Seattle to Vegas: I-5 Route OR I90/I82/I84/I15 in Dec?

11-22-2007, 04:31 AM
We will be picking up our 25 foot RV and towing a jeep from Seattle in Mid January and heading for Las Vegas. Any suggestions for a scenic route taking about 5 day would be greatly appreciated.

11-22-2007, 09:35 AM
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Since you're going to be making this trip in winter with the American equivalent of a road train, you should really plan to stay on the major interstate highways which offer the widest lanes, straightest alignments, shallowest grades and earliest and best snow removal. Fortunately for you, the most direct route between your endpoints on such roads is incredibly scenic and offers a number of places to spend the two days you'll have in addition to the three needed just to make the drive. The routing would go like this:

Take I-90/I-82/I-84 across the Cascades and down the Yakima River, up the Snake River Valley and into the Great Salt Lake Basin. From Salt Lake City, it's a straight shot down I-15 past Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks to Las Vegas. Enjoy.