A slice of England

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Here are some pics from one of our favorite areas in the U.K. It's often overlooked as crowds head down to the far West of Devon and Cornwall. This is North Somerset and Devon border where Exmoor meets the sea. It is peaceful, very scenic and steeped in history which includes legends of King Arthur.
  1. Wouldn't want to take an R.V. down these lanes.
  2. Lynton,once devastated by the great flood.
  3. Pasties, a West country favorite. First made for the Miners,one end savoury and the other sweet. The thick crusts were to handle them with dirty...
  4. Lynton and Lynmouth cliff railway
  5. Lynton.
  6. The view from the top of the cliff railway. The railway has been joining the two villages since 1888.
  7. The carriages are balanced by emptying and filling water tanks. As the top car gets heavier it pulls the lower one up on a cable and it descends to...
  8. Valley of the rocks
  9. Valley of the rocks.
  10. Glastonbury style shopping.
  11. Remains of Glastonbury Abbey
  12. Glastonbury Tor, connected to many myths and legends, such as King Arthur. [Noticed the pub sign ?] 
The famous festival is not in Glastonbury itself...
  13. Glastonbury has lots of shops full of mystical gifts, potions and rather "strange" people come here from all over the world to "connect". You see all...
  14. Entrance to the Bishops palace, Wells.
  15. Bishops palace, Wells.
  16. Wells cathedral. This Cathedral gives Wells "city status", the smallest in England.
  17. Wells cathedral clock, in use since 1392
  18. Stonehenge
  19. Sunset at Stonehenge
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