OC to Prescott Loop Trip

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4 day/ 3 night trip from OC to Prescott, Las Vegas, and back
  1. Barstow Station
  2. The production line at the Ethel M Chocolate Factory in Henderson, NV
  3. The Colorado River below Hoover Dam
  4. Hoover Dam from the Nevada side
  5. Snow Cap in Seligman, AZ
  6. World famous Snow Cap in Seligman, AZ on old Route 66
  7. "Downtown" Jerome
  8. After 3:00 PM it is wisest to go west on CA-91 (against the flow of traffic).
  9. Old bridge over railroad tracks near Barstow station
  10. The original Del Taco in Barstow (near the train station).
  11. At the summit of the first mountain range you cross coming into California from Nevada along I-15 we find a joshua tree forest.
  12. After entering California from the Nevada state line on I-15 south one approaches a steep grade.
  13. US-93 between Kingman and Hoover Dam was mostly straight, but we found some welcomed curves as the approached Nevada.
  14. I-40 west between Ash Fork and Seligman
  15. Pinions and junipers carpet the sides of AZ-89 between Prescott and Ash Fork.
  16. AZ-169 west heading toward Prescott from I-17
  17. Below the Anasazi dwelling at Tuzigoot National Monument
  18. We noticed a number of roundabouts on AZ-89a, AZ-89 and US-60 we hadn't seen before.
  19. The red rock cliffs of the Sedona area are visible from AZ-89a as one descends from Jerome.
  20. Looking back west at Jerome from AZ-89 east
  21. AZ-89a east just before Jerome. Traffic was reduced to one lane for a few miles for construction.
  22. AZ-89a east between Prescott and Jerome
  23. Feasting on the 8 pieces of fried chicken we bought from Albertsons for $5.99 (Yavapai County court house lawn).
  24. This is the half-deserted shopping center off AZ-69 in Prescott.
  25. Prescott was high enough in elevation that the cottonwoods, pinons, and junipers gave way to ponderosa pines.
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