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Good Eating at the Corral

February 13th, 2009

Just returned from a trip for the warmth from wintery Chicago to the Florida Panhandle, Panama City Beach, specifically.

We have found the Golden Corral restaurant chain to be an excellent value.  How they are able to put food like that out for that price, about $7.99 for lunch and $9.99 for dinner,  is beyond me.  Dinner includes shrimp, items from their Applewood Grill, and steak cooked the way you like.

Lunch has miniburgers, fish, meatloaf and other items.  Salads are excellent with several choices.  And, the dessert area is something else!

We’ve been going to Golden Corrals, which are often located right alongside interstates, for the last several years since we discovered them.  You can eat really well!

So, on the road, I highly recommend Golden Corral.

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