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Ultimate Road Trip Truck

February 13th, 2009
The Ultimate in Road Trip Travel?  (courtesy of SuperTruck)

The Ultimate in Road Trip Travel? (courtesy of SuperTruck)

My better half would divorce me and/or leave me in a hot second if I ever acquired one of these beauties… But, I love the creativity of some of these trucks. Built by Chris Walker and George Stickler, owners of Southeast Utilities, — these bad boys are mostly built on a Ford 650 chassis although they do build on Freightliner and GMC super chassis. The company, creates about 50 super trucks a year on a custom-order basis — Scroll down through this page and check out the “Outback” model!

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  1. February 13th, 2009 at 18:06 | #1

    Oh, puh-leeez. First, I ain’t your “better half.” Oh, wait… maybe you weren’t talking about me…? Well, if you were, I wouldn’t leave you if you acquired one of these conspicuously consumptive monsters. You’re the one who’d be leaving me (if you could come up with the scratch to fill the tank). Sure, a real man would drive a Prius, but hey, I’m nothing if I’m not tolerant. And you know what they say about the size of a man’s tires…

  2. February 13th, 2009 at 18:09 | #2

    Oh, puh-leeeez squared…. A “real man” wouldn’t be seen in a Prius….

  3. Dave Gomm
    February 14th, 2009 at 04:09 | #3

    Is this our first domestic squabble in the making ? Ha Ha !!

    Mark, I am having trouble picturing you in there with your cap on back to front, cool shades, lots of gold hanging around your neck and the Beat box rapping it out at fall blast, Yooh man !


  4. Margaret
    February 14th, 2009 at 09:15 | #4

    Those monsters look like they would make enough noise to set an entire neighborhood’s teeth on edge or are they just pussy cats in disguise?

  5. February 17th, 2009 at 22:46 | #5

    “Noise” is open to interpretation — But I’m sure they emit a very pleasurable rumble as they cruise down the road!


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